National Accredited Badminton Umpire Course June 3rd, 2023 Invitation

Hi everyone,

Please consider becoming a National Accredited Badminton Umpire by attending the course on Saturday 3rd June at the Alpha Badminton Centre, 46 Egerton Road  Silverwater  NSW 2128.

We need more technical officials to ensure the integrity of the game by observing the BWF Laws of Badminton.

Attendees will complete several online components prior to the course on 3rd June.

There will be a written exam on the theory revised with the course presenters on 3rd June.

This is followed by practical assessment of matches at the NSW Autumn Open on 3& 4 June at the Alpha Badminton Centre.

We also have the NSW Open GP Gold on 24&25 June for practical assessment or practice if already passed and accredited.

There are national events held interstate besides local and NSW state tournaments available to qualified umpires.

Thank you for considering registering for the Umpire course with the application form below:

Carolyn Toh

Badminton NSW