NSW Inter-School Novice Teams Event (21 May)

This year’s May Inter-School Novice Teams Events attached 24 teams from the following schools: Castle Hill, Lycee Condorset, North Sydney Boys, Pymble Ladies College, Sydney Girls, St. Scholastica College, Trinity. Thank you to all participants, teachers and coaches for making this a successful event. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again on 27 August’s Winter Teams Events.

Congratulation to our winners and runners-up:

BOYS Division 1: Lycee Condorset Team 1(Winners) and North Sydney Boys Team 1(Runners-Up)

BOYS Division 2: Lycee Condorset Team 2(Winners) and Trinity Team 2(Runners-Up)

BOYS Division 3: North Sydney Boys Team 3(Winners) and Trinity Team 3(Runners-Up)

GIRLS Division 1: Pymble Ladies College Team 2(Winners) and Castle Hill Team 1(Runners-Up)

GIRLS Division 2: Sydney Girls Team 1(Winners) and Castle Hill Team 2(Runners-Up)

GIRLS Division 3A: Pymble Ladies College Team 4(Winners) and Sydney Girls Team 3(Runners-Up)

GIRLS Division 3B: Pymble Ladies College Team 5(Winners) and Sydney Girls Team 4(Runners-Up)