Free Come and Try Day (18th and 25th of May)

Badminton Association of New South Wales(BNSW) recognizes there is a shortage of clubs that supports young(5-15yo) players especially those that are just started playing or wanting to start. Badminton should not be a privilege sport and should be open to everyone.

As of 1st June 2023, BNSW will be running a Novice badminton social session every Thursday between 5-8pm at Sydney Olympic Park (SOP) Sports Hall. Players of all abilities between 5 to 15 years old are welcome except graded or state players. If you never play the game before, not to worry as we are there to get you started.

Please note, we are not running an after school care so parent needs to be accompany their child during their full stay of the session. Parents are welcome to join the game for free but only if courts are available and approved by the session coordinator on the day.


1 year Membership -$25

Per session fee for member – $10 or $12 include racket hired

Per session fee for non-member – $15 or $17 include racket hired

In line with the NSW Inter-School Novice Team Event this Sunday, we(BNSW) will be running a FREE Come and Try Day on Thursday 5-8pm 18/5/2023 and 25/5/2023 at SOP Sports Hall. If you are playing in the Novice School Team Event and wanted some practise or if you just want to give badminton a try, come and join us. Player between 5 to 15 years old ONLY and Registration required.

Registration by email to

Subject: ‘Free Come and Try Day Registration’ or ‘Thursday Social Session’ or BOTH

Body(Email Content): Name of participates and age as at 30/12/2023 plus any additional comments(optional).

For example:

– Joe Smith 9yo

– Karen Smith 15yo

Joe never play badminton before and Karen play at school as sport since the beginning of this year.

Since our club still hasn’t got a name. We will be running a Naming Competition on the FREE Come and Try Day. There will be 3 prizes:

1. Best Name (or part will be use as our new club name)

2. Second Best Name under 12

3. Second Best Name 12 and over.

Hints: the club is run by BNSW for novice young players

For further information please contact either Carolyn or Keith but not both at the same time.

Carolyn Toh

0419 225 008

Keith Cho

0433 108 463