One Year To Go Paris 2024 with Qantas Staff ‘Have a Go’ (26 July)

60 Qantas staff given badminton a go at the new Heffron Centre at Marouba. ‘Qantas Have a Go’ is hosted by Qantas Partnerships Manager Daisy Kennedy-Holtz to give Qantas staff the opportunnity to experience first hand Badminton, Wheelchair Basketball and Goalball. The badminton event is led by Keith Cho (NSW Shuttle Smash Coordinator) assisted by Vincent Zhang and Justin Hadinoto. Vincent and Justin expertly show case each stokes on court while Keith patiently teaching the newbies the basic of badminton to get them start playing. And Carolyn Toh is always there to liaise, supervise and making sure everything run smoothly… and it did.