2024 NSW Easter Open March 16th& 17th Tournament with Prize money (BA Silver Level)

Hi everyone,

Please find attached the 2024 NSW Easter Open entry details with Prize money for Open Grade.  This Badminton Australia Silver Level tournament on 16 & 17 March hosted at the Alpha Badminton Centre Auburn (Unit 6, Building 2/161 Manchester Road, Auburn NSW 2144).

We look forward to your participation as a player, technical official or event personnel for this Badminton Australia national ranking sanctioned tournament.

We would appreciate your Tournament Software Online registration on or before the due date of Sunday 10th March, 2024 midnight for the NSW Tournament Committee to schedule courts and matches efficiently.

The 2024 NSW Easter Open online registration on TournamentSoftware.com link is


All players may enter only 1 grade per day.  Automatic disqualification for more than 1 grade entered per day so show respect to your doubles/mixed doubles partners by complying.

Please make sure you include your unique Tournament Software Identification Id (TS Member Id) to ensure that national ranking points are correctly awarded for your results.  If you do not have a TS Id, we will apply for this on your behalf. Please use NSWXXX where XXX are your initials.

All NSW Easter Open registrations confirmed with PayPal payment.  If Pay Pal has a problem, please direct deposit bank payment, or electronic funds transfer BEFORE the tournament draw. There will be no exceptions to this rule.  As you will receive confirmation of your online entry directly from Tournaments Software for your registration, there will not be further confirmation correspondence from the NSW Tournament Committee.

The NO PAYMENT NO PLAY policy applies to the tournament. 

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation to ensure a successful event.

Best regards,

Carolyn Toh

Badminton NSW

Special Online Entry Requirements Reminder:

1.     All players must have an ID number in Tournament software This ID must be correct (i.e. ID should start with NSW for NSW players, ACT for ACT players or a 4-5-digit number for players who have a BWF Id).

2.     If players have more than one TS ID they should use the most recent one to ensure that national ranking points are correctly awarded.

3.     For players who do not have an ID, please Enter NSWXXX where XXX is your Initials.  You will receive an Id after the tournament 

4.      All players must have the “State” and “Country” fields completed on the online entry form (viz. NSW & AUSTRALIA) at the “Personal Details” section after the step 1- Regulations and before Step 3- “Entry Details” If you do not enter Country = AUS you do not receive Badminton Australia ranking points.

5.     If you fail to fill in the above details in the enrolment form, player’s results will not be in the BA tournament software the database. Badminton NSW bears no responsibilities of the relevant tournament results by player to Badminton Australia if the above details are missing in the online enrolment form.