2022 Sydney Catholic School Inaugural Gala Badminton Day

We(BNSW) are proud to help running the Sydney Catholic Schools first badminton Gala day. We see kids turning up as early as 8am and all gather in front of the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Hall checking in before the 9am starting time.

20 schools, 110 boys and 116 girls participated in the following 6 double events: Senior Boys, Intermediate Boys, Junior Boys, Senior Girls, Intermediate Girls, Junior Girls. Preliminaries are done in pools of 3-5 pairs so each pair get to play at least twice and some play as many as 7 matches. Then the top 8 pairs from the Preliminaries progress into the quarterfinal in knock out format. Winners of the semi-final goes into the final to play for Gold(1st) and Silver(2nd) whereas the 2 semi-final losers play against each other for the Bronze(3rd).

We are glad so many teachers turns up to help otherwise we wouldn’t have finish on time. Only a handful of kids play badminton comp before and it is the first time for the rest. First time playing badminton competitively, first time umpiring, and first time keep score. It is a not perfect but everyone seems to enjoy themselves. Like all sport, the competition became fierce as it approach the end – jump smashes, net kills, diving onto the floor just to save a single point no longer a rare sight. Supporters lining up around the court to cheer their school on.. a fun day for everyone.

Briefing in the morning