February 4, 2016

Working With Children Check (WWCC)


A new law has been introduced in NSW which re-defines the need for a “Working with Children Check” (WWCC). Volunteers in the sports arena have been except under the old Act, but will now be required to obtain the check.  This new Act encompasses the "Sporting arena" as of 1 April 2015, and sporting organisations must have it fully implemented by 31 March 2016, after which time the office of the Children's Guardian will commence audits.

One major change to the WWCC is that it is now the responsibility of the person, rather than the organisation employing them.  As Badminton NSW falls under “clubs or other bodies providing services for children” changes will have to be implemented within the Association.

This document outlines the requirements for employees, volunteers and officials, the timing of the new law’s introduction and the implications for NSW Badminton (BNSW).

For more information please refer to the summarised flyer here: WWCC Brochure