New South Wales Badminton Association (NSWBA) is the body recognised by the NSW State government and is affiliated to Badminton Australia (BA) and the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Badminton is the world's fastest racquet sport - speeds of over 421 kph have been clocked at shuttle impact. Any player of similar level, playing tennis or squash will realise they have to move faster and much more in badminton. Yet it can be played by people of all ages. In many countries children start playing badminton from as young as 5 years old. Such development from grass-roots levels also result in those juniors proceeding to Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19 national tournaments. On the other hand, there are hundreds of veterans even over the age of 60 still playing to maintain their fitness and keep in touch with friends. In the Veterans Teams tournaments around 500 players over the age of 40 meet to play competitively over different weekends at places like Albury and Ballarat every year.

When it is played at a reasonable level, a badminton match requires highly concentrated actions, which include quick movements, twisting, jumping, stretching and striking at the shuttle. In a typical game, though the court is smaller, a badminton player covers at least twice the distance of a tennis player.

*Raise the awareness of Badminton in NSW.
*Organise and help run local and national tournaments.
*Foster Inter-Club competitions and socials.
*Encourage junior players and initiate Schools Sports development programs.
*Continual development of personnel and courses for coaches and court officials.

Compared to any other Sporting Body in NSW or in Australia it is one of the smallest affiliation fee for any sport. Membership funds are distributed as follows: $13.00 per person goes to Badminton Australia and $12.00 each towards Insurance Cover for all members, coaches and officials. The State Government will only recognise and assist us if we affiliate with our National body.

There are some former State and National level Committee members who organise their own independent badminton groups in NSW and in other States. They can provide services for players but will never be able to be recognised at any official level, and their players will never be able to play for their State or for Australia. By not registering their players, they are also not contributing to the true development of Badminton in Australia. We negotiate for new venues and lobby the government and business world and host major events with top players participating.

Insurance has become the costly factor and Public Liability Insurance is essential for any sporting group unless organisers and their own members are willing to accept full responsibility for any eventuality.

For an Insurance Policy to be valid, it is essential that there must be "full disclosure". Under the current way some Clubs are registering, this could cause problems as quite often, not all playing members are registered. With our current policy covering both Public Liability and Personal Injury, Clubs will have to register all their playing members. If they do not, and there is a claim, it may be possible for the Insurance Company to disallow the claim on the grounds that there was no "full disclosure" - ie. some players were not registered. If this happens, the organisers of the group, and it can go then to all the members in the group that will be held liable and considered responsible for problems and the attached consequences. Is anyone really willing to be held accountable?

In all NSWBA history, nothing has ever happened (in regards to an insurance claim) and we hope this record continues. Unfortunately there will be a first time - and if the first time in your group becomes a really big problem, would you, as an organiser and your members be really able to bear the burdens if you have no suitable Insurance Cover or if the Insurance Company is going to disclaim liability?

The insurance policy is with Lloyd's London and covers:

  • $10 million ($10,000,000) for Public Liability
  • $5 million ($5,000,000) for Professional Indemnity (Coaches and Court Officials)


Carolyn Toh

(02) 9958 4733

0419 225 008

Alan Monroe

Vice President
Rajan Rengasamy

John Ling

Hung Bui
0408 285 188
Committee Member
Jerome Gomez
Committee Member
Geoffrey Yii

Committee Member

Postal Enquiries:
The Secretary, NSWBA Inc, PO Box 717 Willoughby NSW 2068


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